South Florida Sun Sentinel ‘Draft Winds’ 2011

Simon Clancy, Richard Lines and Chris Kouffman have been contributing Draft pieces for the South Florida Sun Sentinel through columnist Dave Hyde’s blog since the 2009 NFL Draft.  Dave Hyde is a distinguished sports columnist with the honor of having placed second in the Associated Press Sports Editors voting for nation’s top sports columnist in three out of four years.

The relationship that would give birth to the Draft Winds series started when Simon, our resident Londoner, saw a piece that Hyde wrote about the popularity of American Football in England, prior to the Miami Dolphins’ playing a game in London against the New York Giants in 2007.  The two kept in touch and had a few beers together when Dave traveled with the team to London for the game.  Somewhere along the way, Dave had the idea of showing his American audience that a British draftnik can provide just as much, and just as potent draft information as Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, or any of the other well known American talking heads.  Since 2010, Dave has been gracious enough to extend his offer of putting original draft works on his South Florida Sun Sentinel blog to Chris Kouffman and Richard Lines, the other two founders of Universal Draft. The pieces are intended for Dave’s audience, comprised mostly of interested fans of the Miami Dolphins, and so the work is always laid out from that perspective.

Below are the archived articles:

2011 NFL Draft

Draft Winds 14 – Here’s our picks for the Dolphins draft

Draft Winds 13 – Breaking down Dolphins in rounds 5-7

Draft Winds 12 – A position by position breakdown

Draft Winds 11 – Why QB Andy Dalton isn’t for Dolphins

Draft Winds 10 – Lies, damn lies and Ryan Mallett

Draft Winds 9 – The Christian Ponder Special

Draft Winds 8 – Breaking down QB Colin Kaepernick

Draft Winds 7 – A post combine draft interview

Draft Winds 6 – Combine, offense and Dolphins

Draft Winds V – Players for Dolphins to study at Combine

Draft Winds IV – A thorough breakdown of Cam Newton

Draft Winds III – Defense at Pick #15 Overall

Draft Winds II – Offense at Pick #15 Overall

Draft Winds I – Shrine Week